DIY Torsion & Extension Garage Door Spring Repair In Long Island - New York

How did the garage door spring snap?

It doesn’t matter if it is a garage door in Long Island NY, a commercial overhead door in Hempstead NY, or a garage door in Bethpage NY, even the best garage door, and even if it was made from the best materials will eventually need some service. And the most important service, which often delay the need for repairs is the maintenance process. Of course that there are more variables which affect how long the spring will last, and as you know the proximity of Long Island to the ocean is also a parameter which affect the life cycle of the garage door springs, and lack of maintenance and lubrication can speed up the wear and the tear of the garage parts and of course the garage door spring system. There are many reasons which affect the condition of the springs and the parts, we listed some bellow:

Using a spring which isn’t the right spring for your garage.

Over or excessive use of the garage.

No maintenance.

The weather conditions in Redondo Beach.

The spring is old, and have never been replaced.

Use low quality springs.

Bad Install

Wrong Size


-Garage door spring installation service in Long Island

Since the springs is an important part of your garage door, whenever one of the springs, or the cables snap, there is no other option except replacing them with new spring system. It depend on the condition of the garage and the springs, but in most cases we recommend to replace both springs, to avoid a situation where the other spring also break in case only one of the springs was replaced. We repair, replace and install springs for garage doors from all brands in New York City, and the best part is that we do it the same day. No need for long waiting, and to try and repair the spring by DIY. You just need to call Long Island Garage Doors Repair & Services , or another garage door supplier in New York Like Garage Door Repair Queens who offer same day garage repair services. After years of servicing overhead garage doors and fixing steel gates in Merrick NY, we know which garages and what type and size of springs are the most common ones in Long Island, and we try to keep our tracks loaded with those type of springs. Since quick and efficient service is one of our main goals, and to achieve it, we need to be able to provide you with a solution on the spot. Even if it mean just to help you open the garage and get your car out, and then close it back until we will return with the missing spring and complete the replacement.

-Do it yourself torsion & extension spring installation

Before we start, we like to make it clear that we recommend you to use the services of a professional garage contractor from long island garage door spring company. Torsion spring replacement is not an easy project, and involve knowledge and risks, and can even be deadly for people how aren’t experienced enough. When you garage door spring snap, you have 2 choices: The first is to contact a local garage door company in Mineola NY, and the second is to try and replace the spring by doing it yourself. A DIY torsion spring replacement is not an easy process, and it require a certain level of knowledge, the right tools, and of course the right spring for your garage. We would like to go over some tips of torsion spring replacement, which work for all types of garage doors, whether it is a garage door new york an overhead door in long Beach NY, or even a garage door in great neck NY The important thing is to avoid taking unnecessary risks, and to remember that no garage door repair worth your health, and that you will put yourself at risk.

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