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Garage Door Openers Long Island

Long Island Garage Door Opener :

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Garage Door Opener

Long Island Garage Door deals in installation and repair of garage door openers. When it comes to best local garage door opener replacement in Long Island, nothing comes close to our service standards. Most homeowners have no idea how openers work and what problems they face. Our experts rise to the challenge and offer affordable services to Long Island residents.

Don’t get confused with openers. Simply call Long Island garage door opener experts to steer you in the right direction.

How Our Professionals Help You Choose the Perfect Opener

Homeowners are bewildered at the sheer number of options for openers. There are various brands and models to select from making the decision highly complex. Our technicians analyze the choices and suggest the right opener. Here’s how we proceed with selecting openers:





Openers are characterized by different types of drives namely:

  • Chain-drive openers are the most widely used type. It is also the most primitive of the three but still offer good value for money. A chain is used to push-pull the door upward and downward. The metal chain can be highly noisy. If a bedroom is adjacent to the garage door opener repair long island, it can pose serious noise issues.
  • Belt-drive openers are similar in construction to the chain drive openers. The prime difference is the use of belt instead of a metal chain. This makes the operation quieter and much more efficient. Enhanced comfort does come at a higher price though.
  • Screw-Drive Openers are in the middle of above-mentioned openers when it comes to price. There are very less moving parts in this type leading to very quiet operation. They are low on maintenance and easy to install.


Garage Door Opener Power

Most simple garage doors opener repair can be operated with a standard ½ horsepower garage door opener. Anything smaller is best recommended for very small doors. for heavier carriage style doors, ¾ horsepower model is best suited. When confused, it is always better to go for higher power since the price difference is insignificant.

Garage Door Size

Garage door openers are designed to operate with standard door sizes of up to 7 ft tall with a margin of further 6 inches. Doors beyond 8 ft are operated through an extension kit.

Garage Door Opener Safety Features

Most contemporary garage door openers come equipped with many safety features. The prominent safety mechanism is the anti-pinch feature that reverses the door if it senses as the object in its path. A beam is used to check the path safety. If broken, the door operation is reversed. It can help save damage to cars, kids, and even pets.

Garage Door Rolling Code Password

Garage door openers now come with rolling code feature. It changes the password every time the door is operated by the owner. A new password for every operation prevents theft and enhances security.

Garage Door Lights

It is not a great feature but a worthy one. People may not give much thought to lighting but it comes handy in the night. This light is sufficiently powerful to serve as the primary light in the garage. A 60-watt bulb comes standard in most models. But some brands give the option to install two large 100-watt bulbs for maximum lighting.

Garage Door OpenerBattery Backup

Most manufacturers offer this as an independent option. Battery backup ensures that the door is operational even during blackouts. When your house’s electrical power is knocked down, you can use the door to park your vehicle. No more getting locked out of your house.

Garage Door Keyless Entry Pad

These pads are installed near the garage door exterior. Simply enter the code to open the door if you are locked out. Some units offer fingerprint recognition to speed up the process.

Garage Door Remote Control

Remote controls come in the key chain or visor clip style. These can be used to operate the garage door from a distance of up to 100 ft. Remotes can be single button while others can be multiple buttons depending on the model chosen.

Garage Door Opener Warranty

Manufacturers are known to vary the prices as per warranty on offer. It can differ from model to model. Some offer lifetime warranties on motors. But 10-year warranties are standard in the industry. Other components, such as chains, belts, and springs, are covered for smaller periods.

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Garage Door Openers
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