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Residential Garage Doors Long Island
we offer Quality Service for garage door repair and service in new york

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Long Island Residential Garage Door :

Home Decor and Garage Doors go Hand in Hand

With long island garage doors occupying 3/4th exterior of your home, selecting one becomes all the more crucial. We, at Long Island Garage Doors, believe that every home is special. Homes reflect the individual’s personality. So, the exterior of the home must reflect this in the right way. And what better option to show your style than installing the perfect garage door.

Visit Long Island Doors to select your door style. Or contact us to schedule a garage door repair call.


Garage Door is the Mirror to your Personality

The exterior of your home is dominated by the garage door. Anything you install will bear a direct resemblance to your sense of style. Your personality is immediately reflected whether you choose to install a classic Tudor style or modern aluminum finish door. There are simply mind numbing options when it comes to garage doors.

To put it simply, residential garage doors can be ordered in any combination of style, color, finish and material. Then there are types of garage door including sectional, overhead or sliding. You do not have as many paint options as you would when you specify a Rolls Royce car. But they are enough to make you confused. Only an expert can guide you through the selection process.


Residnetial Garage Door Materials

  • Steel : Sturdy and reliable steel doors are the first choice among consumers. They can be specified as per gauges of steel sheets. Most openers can handle the weight of the steel doors easily. However, they are not great for tropical climates since high moisture tends to cause rust. Wooden grain finish can be done over these doors to give a natural look.

  • Aluminum : A light weight alternative to the steel, aluminum doors are a great choice when it comes to value for money. These doors are also easy to install due to their light weight. They can also be specified in many shades and finish options. Also, windows can be installed easily in aluminum frames.

  • Fiberglass Doors : Another modern material comes in the realm of garage doors. Fiber makes the doors extremely light weight. Being low in weight, the risk of injury reduces dramatically. Less powerful opener can be installed with these doors thereby saving energy further.

  • Wooden doors : These doors are the most expensive to order and maintain. But when it comes to sheer elegance and grace, nothing comes close to wooden doors. They are real charmers and make quite an impression. Wooden doors need to be regularly polished and varnished.


Garage Door Types

  • Sectional – The door consists of small sections, probably 3 or 4, which fold above or sideways to the wall or ceiling. The sections are moved up or down as per instructions from the opener. The large sections make repair and installation easy.

  • Overhead Doors – In this door, the sections of the doors are pulled up by the opener and stored below the ceiling. It is similar to the roll up door but does not fold the panels.

  • Sideways Sliding – Here the sections of the door are slide to the side of the adjacent wall. The sections are pulled to the side using hinges and pulley system attached to the opener.

  • Roll-Up Shutters – Conventional roll up shutters are improved and adapted to the garage doors. The door panels are small and rolled up near the bottom of the ceiling. It saves space and is easy to maintain.


The Joy of Confusion

How about combining steel door with wooden door? Well, you can do that by having a steel door with wooden finish option. Owners can enjoy the steel sturdiness and the aesthetics of the wooden door. There are literally millions of options for finishes, colors and paint schemes. The brushed aluminum finish is well matched with modern home exterior with plenty of glass. Our experts can help you decide which garage door to install after complete architectural and garage analysis.


Many Brands under One Roof

Long Island Garage Doors provides you every major brand under one roof. Just walk in and select your favorite model. We deal exclusively in:


Wayne Dalton






And many more…


Long Island Garage Doors – Your Perfect Garage Door Companions

We have worked with hundreds of Long Island residents in their quest to install the perfect garage door. Our experts have repaired and installed countless garage doors in the local areas surrounding Long Island. Our attention to local regions makes us the preferred choice among residents. Our army of expert technicians is known to quickly resolve issues within minutes. We work with your home renovation contractors to deliver style coherence.


Leave confusion behind! Call us now to book same-day garage door repair service from industry leaders.

we offer Quality Service for garage door repair and service in new york

Nassau County # 516-455-0786 * Suffolk County # 631-742-2121

Garage Door Parts Long Island
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