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Garage Door Safety Tips In Long Island :

Garage Door FAQs And Safety Tips


  • The national statistics state that approximately 15,000+ people annually are injured by garage doors, most of which occurring at a person’s own home during a garage door repair or garage door installation.


  • Keep your hands and fingers away from the garage door panel joints. Always use a the remote or lift-handle when lifting a garage door to prevent finger damage or even loss.


  • An automatic garage door opener installed before the year 1993 should be replaced and installed with the updated technology that follows the latest safety requirements to insure that the garage door has a safe and secure door operation.


  • Make sure to teach your children about the garage door safety. Never allow them to ride the garage doorw or play with the garage door remotes to prevent injury or even sometimes death.


  • Make sure to Move the control buttons & remotes high enough that children can’t reach or play with them at all, sometimes garage door installers forget to move it up high enough so the children cant reach.


  • Approximately 75% of all residential wind damage starts with entry through the garage door. If a garage door fails, high wind can enter in the house through the garage door and even blow out doors, windows, and even the walls or the roof.


  • Dont ever attempt to remove, adjust, or replace the garage door springs, garage door cables, garage door rollers, garage door hinges or garage door brackets without the proper tools & training as the garage doors are under extreme tension and can cause serious injury or at many cases death.


  • The garage door is by far the largest moving object on a home. An Annual maintenance is always suggested to help keep your garage door running safely and properly.


  • Do not try to fix or replace a garage door gear or a garage door circut board on your own if you do not have the proper training and tools. The high power of electricity can result in serious injury or even death.


  • You must make sure your garage door opener has saftey sensors. If not then you risk the car getting slammed by the garage door on its way down & the children geting hurt or even killed if not properly supervised.


  • Make sure the garage door is in its down position if there is any problem with the garage door parts or garage door spring system. If not the the door can come crashing down and cause serious injury or even death


  • When your car is parked outside your house, don’t leave your windows open or doors unlocked with the garage door remotes in plain sight. Garage door remotes make for an easy house key for someone to steal and start an home invasion.



At Long Island Overhead Garage Door Service we specialize in all of the above problems. So please give us a call & keep your garage door safe. If you have any concerns regarding your garage door problems speak to us and we will help in every way we can to make sure you the Long Island NY Residents are safe.


Office : (516) 455 0786 / (631) 742 2121


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